Surgical Neuroanatomy Research Elective for Medical Students

We offer an elective in surgical neuroanatomy and basic concepts of neurosurgery for medical students nearing the completion of their degree who wish to pursue post-graduate specialty training in neurology, neurosurgery, or otolaryngology. Neurosurgery is a broad field covering a range of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions that target pathological processes affecting the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves. This elective provides a comprehensive overview of clinically relevant surgical neuroanatomy and ties in discussions of neurosurgical cases that include concepts of neuropathology, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic interventions.

This non-accredited research elective is provided without fee for medical students who wish to gain knowledge of neurosurgery, and is offered throughout the year—especially during the summer months. This elective is not open to those who have already graduated from medical school and are seeking admission to U.S. residency programs. Admission is limited to students currently enrolled in medical degree granting programs.

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