Hands-On Dissection Courses

The Weill Cornell Neurosurgical Innovations and Training Center is committed to education—not only for medical students and residents but also for physicians and neurosurgeons worldwide. Our skills-based educational courses cover everything from basic to advanced and minimally invasive techniques in neurosurgery. We currently offer the following courses:

Complex Surgical Approaches to the Skull Base
The only course-based certificate program in skull base surgery in North America, this program provides in depth immersive training in advanced approaches and techniques in skull base neurosurgery divided into three multiday dissection courses covering anterior/anterolateral, lateral, and posterolateral skull base approaches.

Complex Surgical Approaches to the Skull Base
This intimate 3-day dissection-centered course forces on complex skull base approaches including the fronto-orbitozygomatic, pericavernous, middle fossa anterior petrosectomy, translabyrinthine, far lateral. All material is presented in an immersive 3D format.

Mastering the Basics of Neurosurgery: Common Approaches
This 5-day dissection-centered course focuses on mastering transcranial approaches in neurosurgery including the pterional, frontotemporal-orbital and its variants, subtemporal, anterior transpetrosal, retrosigmoid, perilabyrinthine, suboccipital transtentorial, and far lateral approaches. All material is presented in an immersive 3D format.

Palm Beach Course on Complex Approaches in Neurosurgery
This 2-day dissection-centered course forces on the most challenging approaches in skull base surgery involving the temporal bone, including the middle fossa anterior transpetrosal, peri- and translabyrinthine, transotic, trancochlear, and infratemporal fossa approaches.

Private Neurosurgical Courses
Customized individual one-on-one training opportunities for residents, fellows, and surgeons wishing to gain a deeper understanding of skull base neurosurgery.

Clinical and Surgical Head, Neck, and Neuroanatomy
This one of a kind 5-part lecture series takes medical students on 3D virtual journey along each cranial nerve from its origins in the brain to its cranial exit, exploring the different anatomical structures encountered along the way and the relationships between them.

Dissection Manual
Order our companion hardcover dissection manual, Complex Surgical Approaches to the Skull Base: A Dissection Manual. A stepwise journey through some of the most challenging neurosurgical approaches to the skull base.

Weill Cornell Medical College is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit for programs that are developed by Weill Cornell faculty as part of the medical school’s overall program of CME.