Dr. Alexander I. Evins
Department of Neurological Surgery
Weill Cornell Medical College
Cornell University
Research Profile and Publications
Weill Cornell Neurosurgery Bio

Dr. Alexander Evins is an expert on the surgical anatomy of the skull base and spearheads the development of new operative techniques in microneuosurgery, skull base surgery, and neuroendoscopy in our state-of-the-art Neurosurgical Innovations and Training Center for Skull Base and Microneurosurgery. Dr. Evins instructs fellows from around the world on the intricacies of skull base surgery techniques and works to expand the current understanding of complex surgical neuroanatomy by integrating intricate cadaveric dissections with 3D visualization, virtual reality, and computer simulation in order to enhance neurosurgical training and practice. Dr. Evins pioneered the concept of skills based medicine, has published extensively in numerous respected scientific journals and has had his work featured on the covers of the Journal of Neurosurgery, Operative Neurosurgery, and World Neurosurgery, and presents regularly at conferences around the world. In addition, Dr. Evins instructs the Clinical Neuroanatomy program for medical students.